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Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Uchiha Sasuke, plus Team 7 and a few others. Hints of a possible future Sasuke/Sakura.
Length/Type: One-shot (about 10,000 words), Gen

Author's Summary: Ten visitors to the same hospital room.

Oh, the dynamics. The characters, the interaction, Sasuke's thought process -  it's bristling, touching, heartbreaking, and hopeful in the only way that a well-done Sasuke-returns fic can be. I love how the impact of Sasuke's return is expressed in different ways via different characters, revealing through them all the complicated layers of how his return would affect things/people. And Team Taka wasn't conveniently left out either.

Story: Evidence of What You Cannot See (Repeated Ten Times) [Rating: PG] - by [ profile] hungrytiger11

Short Excerpt )