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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Choutarou's father, Ootori Choutarou, Shishido/Ootori, Hyotei regulars
Length/Type: One-shot (approx. 4700 words), 2nd person POV

Summary: Ootori Choutarou, as seen through the eyes of his father.

Reccing a Hikago father's POV fic yesterday reminded me that this one needed to be added here ASAP. Bunseki is written from Choutarou's dad's point of view but uses the 2nd person narrative to do this (and the author uses it very well indeed). The narrative gives the story an intimate quality that I can't explain. The voice, the flow, the different things that happen - it's like you're right up there with them, with Choutarou's father, seeing everything he sees - and man, what a great eye he has.

There's more than just Choutarou here though - there's also Hyotei, the regulars, and Shishido... and Choutarou and Shishido, together. It seems like such a simple, quiet observational piece, but there's also something about it that resonates with my inner fangirl, the kind that reminds me, "This is why you ship them."

Story: Bunseki (Analysis) [Rating: G] - by [ profile] sinsofwill ([ profile] tiamatv's writing journal)

As much as you love him, your son has always been a little bit of a puzzle to you.
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Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Characters: Shindou Hikaru, Shindou Masao
Length/Type: One-shot (approx. 2000 words), Gen

Author's Summary: Hikaru's father, on the subject of his son.

Throughout watching/reading Hikago, I had always wondered what Hikaru's parents thought about what their son was doing, so discovering this fic was a bit of a "OMG so glad I found this!!" feeling. I pounced on it, and it didn't disappoint. It's a quiet piece that takes place some time after the series ended (I think). Quite lovely, and a great look into Hikaru's person from his father's (and through him, his mother's) point of view.

Story: My Stranger, My Son [Rating: G] - by [ profile] betulaleafminer 

Short Excerpt )