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Know some really great pieces of fanwork that you want to share with me or others? Then, please do! Aside from fanfics, I also welcome fanart, graphics, or even interesting fandom-related stuff like manifestos or meta to be added to master list postings.

Please also note the relevant fandoms/ships with a description of the work you're linking to. Thanks.

Note: I don't make any guarantees for when (or if) I'll get around to something here, which is usually a result of several factors - like time, preferences, current obsessions, etc. But if it goes right up my alley, I'll usually rec it to the community at large. :)
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Colorwalk Recs

For more info on the recs, fandoms, and preferences, please visit the profile page.

All fics are complete unless stated otherwise. Happy reading. :)

for super love.

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