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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Seigaku regulars
Length/Type: One-shot (approx. 1000 words), Gen, Drama

Summary: Together the Seigaku tennis team lived over five hundred years.

Quite different from the usual Prince of Tennis fics out there, this one is a collection of short snippets on how each of the Seigaku regulars died. All of them are impacting in their own way - some quite sad, others play off of each other. What I love about it is also how a lot of these snippets actually tell a larger story without ever coming right out to say it clearly - but it leaves you thinking about it even after you're done reading. It's one of those stories that felt sadder in hindsight than while reading, I think. ;_;

Story: The Way They Died [Rating: PG] - by [ profile] ghost_lingering ([personal profile] ghost_lingering)

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