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Fandom: Harry Potter, Prince of Tennis
Characters: Momoshiro/Kaidou, Harry/Draco, Harry/Kaidou
Length/Type: One-shot (approx. 1300 words), Crossover, Crack

Summary: In the event of finding fictional characters from popular children’s fantasy novels in your team locker room, Kaidoh decides, not knowing that you could speak a different language kinda sucks.

All I need to say is Kaidou goes "Fshuu" and Harry understands, because, well, it's kinda parseltongue, isn't it? Except Kaidou, poor guy, doesn't realize at all what he's been saying. Hilarity ensues. Best crossover crack in the world. XD

Story: Communicational Challenge [Rating: PG-13] - by [ profile] moonythestrals 

"Fshuu," Kaidoh says.

"What did you just say about my mother?" Harry says, eyes bright and fingers reaching for his wand.

"Woah!" Momoshiro says, eyeing Harry with something like awe. "You can actually understand him?"
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