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Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Characters: Shindou Hikaru, Shindou Masao
Length/Type: One-shot (approx. 2000 words), Gen

Author's Summary: Hikaru's father, on the subject of his son.

Throughout watching/reading Hikago, I had always wondered what Hikaru's parents thought about what their son was doing, so discovering this fic was a bit of a "OMG so glad I found this!!" feeling. I pounced on it, and it didn't disappoint. It's a quiet piece that takes place some time after the series ended (I think). Quite lovely, and a great look into Hikaru's person from his father's (and through him, his mother's) point of view.

Story: My Stranger, My Son [Rating: G] - by [ profile] betulaleafminer 

Mitsuko was torn between pride in Hikaru and hopeless worry over his future. I knew he didn’t understand the concept of an adult career half as well as he pretended he did. It happened too fast, too young, and he would crash sooner or later.

And he did crash. At the time I put it down to typical teenage angst combined with the realisation that he had made a life commitment before he was ready, especially since he swore off go. I admit I felt some relief at first. Perhaps Hikaru would now direct his life along a more normal path, I thought. Go to high school, get a salaryman job, and get married to a nice girl. That changed as I watched him drift through the motions of normality like a ghost. Looking back now, I believe his behaviour was indicative of real grief rather than adolescent woe, and I was so estranged from him that even now, two years later, I have no idea what he was grieving for. Ironically, I was relieved when he returned to go with more enthusiasm than ever. He may have chosen an unusual life, but at least he was Hikaru again.

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