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Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Uchiha Sasuke, plus Team 7 and a few others. Hints of a possible future Sasuke/Sakura.
Length/Type: One-shot (about 10,000 words), Gen

Author's Summary: Ten visitors to the same hospital room.

Oh, the dynamics. The characters, the interaction, Sasuke's thought process -  it's bristling, touching, heartbreaking, and hopeful in the only way that a well-done Sasuke-returns fic can be. I love how the impact of Sasuke's return is expressed in different ways via different characters, revealing through them all the complicated layers of how his return would affect things/people. And Team Taka wasn't conveniently left out either.

Story: Evidence of What You Cannot See (Repeated Ten Times) [Rating: PG] - by [ profile] hungrytiger11

“-Did good, didn’t I?”

A voice: low in timber, a little gruff but vaguely familiar, and close, so close. It is the last thought that latches itself to his brain. Someone is close. Close, but who? He tries to open his eyes. A struggle. A blinding (blinding?) pain. Then, light.

He hisses, and squeezes his eyes back shut. So much effort for nothing; seemed to be the story of his life.

“Yeah,” another voice answers back, soft, feminine, if a bit throaty. Not Karin then. Before he can think of who it is, the voice continues, “Promise of a lifetime, right? We did good.”

Eyes slit open, more cautiously this time, and he sees a figure at the door, all golds and tans and oranges. Naruto his mind supplies, Naruto leaning against the doorframe, smiling a lopsided smile and looking anything but truly happy. Looking resigned.

Where is the child that was his best friend?

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