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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Fuji Shuusuke
Length/Type: One-shot (approx. 870 words), Gen

Author's Summary: In his third year of high school, they stopped calling him a genius.

Simple, poignant. Fuji, here, is oh so painful to read. I especially like the way the author manages to evoke this feeling without ever shoving it in your face - you know, the kind where the author doesn't have to tell you how to feel because the story itself does it so well. Part of it, I think, is also because I can totally imagine the possibilities of things turning out this way... and it just makes me go, Oh, Fuji.

Story: Genius [Rating: G] - by [ profile] troisroyaumes

In his third year of high school, they stopped calling him a genius. No one else noticed the change, but he felt it like a knife. At tournaments, as he eavesdropped on the whispers around him, they said, "That's Fuji Shuusuke--", an unconscious pause replacing what had once followed so naturally, as if it were part of his name: "the tennis genius".
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